HELP (Health Enablement Learning Platform)

The Health Enablement & Learning Platform (HELP) provides Kenya Ministry of Health-approved training content to community health volunteers (CHVs). Based on a sophisticated mobile learning methodology HELP works on all mobiles (basic to smart), empowering health workers through learning opportunities and enablement tools. HELP has been developed through a cross-sector collaboration between Amref Health Africa, Accenture, Mezzanine, Safaricom and the M-Pesa Foundation.
In 2013, the cross-sectoral partnership piloted HELP to train 318 CHWs in three regions (urban, rural & nomadic) across Kenya. HELP provided Ministry of Health-approved training content to CHWs, using a sophisticated mobile learning methodology on basic mobile technologies that allowed all health workers access to learning opportunities and enablement tools. This complemented initial face to face training, enabling CHWs to learn at their own pace and with their own mobile devices whilst in the community, providing for both the interpersonal and community aspects of learning while the reach and continuity of mobile-based learning.
At the conclusion of the pilot, the completion rate was 80%, and CHW feedback was very positive.

Starting in September 2014, and running for 24 months, the programme is scaling up to 3,000 CHWs and 60 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs). In addition, we will continue to develop and enhance content; integrate with third party applications; develop a smart phone application, measure the health and skills impact and put in place a sustainable financial and operating model, which Amref Health Africa and Safaricom will drive forward nationally post Phase 2. More partners will be brought into the program and new features and functionality will be added, such as points-based incentives and support for smart applications.
We propose to consolidate the community mHealth environment by integrating other mobile health applications with HELP. We also propose to scale up the project to achieve regional (African) impact by training tens of thousands of CHWs.
We want to collaborate with other partners who share our vision to accelerate roll out. This will only be possible if we combine our capabilities, share the investment and integrate our programs and services to build Africa’s first fully integrated mobile community health platform accelerating the path to our goal of empowering 100,000 CHWs by 2020 and strengthening community health systems.