Amref Health Africa wishes to state that ALL its consultancies are advertised on its website at and the national dailies where applicable.

Duly note that Amref Health Africa does not require applicants to pay any fee at whatever stage of the selection process.

Amref Health Africa therefore advises the general public to exercise due diligence when applying for consultancies.  

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1.0 Introduction

Amref Health Africa is the largest international health development organisation based in Africa. Working with and through African communities, health systems and governments, Amref Health Africa aims to bring lasting health change to Africa.  Amref Health Africa is committed to improving the health of people in Africa by partnering with and empowering communities, and strengthening health systems. With headquarters in Kenya, Amref Health Africa has offices in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Africa and West Africa providing services to over 30 countries. 

As Amref Health Africa has continued to grow and develop over the years, the organization has acquired assets in the various countries of operation within Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, South Africa and Senegal). These assets include land, buildings, equipment and a number of installations.

In most cases, the assets are registered in the country of operation but have not been consolidated into a portfolio at the headquarters level. As part of strengthening institutional governance and in order to maximize value, Amref Health Africa would like to verify the assets and compile a list to enable the headquarters hold accountability for the overall organizational portfolio. Amref Health Africa is therefore seeking a consultant to conduct the above assignment.

2.0 Objective

  • The overall objective of the consultancy is to:
  • To compile a list of all major assets across the organization.

2.1 Specific Tasks

  • Study relevant organizational documents to gain adequate understanding of its various aspects.
  • The consultant will visit all the locations and obtain necessary information as well as physically confirm existence of the assets.
  • Follow up and regularize, with the help of the legal department, any ownership documentation gaps with the relevant government departments.

3.0 Deliverables

  • A detailed report of findings and asset list
  • Documentation of status of the assets and ownership
  • Recommendations on way forward

4.0 Desired qualifications and experience

  • At least  7 years’ experience in property /asset management
  • A Bachelor’s  degree in the relevant area
  • Knowledge and/or understanding of Africa’s health development sector and experience working in the countries of operation will be an added advantage.

5.0 Period
The assignment is expected to take place between February and May 2016.

6.0 Terms of Engagement
The consultant will be engaged on terms to be agreed upon after his/her review of the above terms and submission of a proposal.

All applications should be sent to: