Annual and Financial Reports

Below are some of Amref Health Africa's Annual and Financial Reports published. Click on the link to view and download a report

Annual Reports

Annual Financial Reports

Annual Programme Reports

Annual Report 2014

Annual Financial Report 2014  

Annual Report 2013

Annual Financial Report 2013  

Annual Report 2012

Annual Financial Report 2012  

Annual Report 2011

 Annual Financial Report 2011


Annual Report 2010

Annual Financial Report 2010


Annual Report 2009

 Annual Financial Report 2009


Annual Report 2008

 Annual Financial Report 2008


Annual Report 2007

Annual Financial Report 2007

Annual Report 2006*

Annual Financial Report 2006

Annual Programme Report 2007

Annual Report 2005

Annual Financial Report 2005

Annual Programme Report 2006

Annual Report 2004

Annual Financial Report 2004*

Annual Programme Report 2005

Annual Report 2003

Annual Financial Report 2003

Annual Programme Report 2004

Annual Report 2002

Annual Financial Report 2002


Annual Report 2001

Annual Financial Report 2001


Annual Report 2000

Annual Financial Report 2000


* Copy not available online, request for a hard copy.

Amref Health Africa will gladly consider any request for permission to reproduce part or the whole of these publications with the intention of increasing its availability to those who need it. Amref Health Africa welcomes enquiries from individuals or organisations wishing to use the content for non-commercial purposes. The organisation would also be grateful to learn how you are using the publications and welcomes constructive comments and suggestions.

Please address any correspondence to: 
The Communications Directorate
Amref Health Africa Headquarters
PO Box 27691 – 00506,
Nairobi, Kenya

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